Friday, 8 May 2015

Drugstore or Highend makeup?

It is a debate I have with myself all the time, I buy so many Drugstore products but I just love my High end products a lot more.  I tend to end up either giving away, or just binning a lot of my Drugstore products due to lack of use, at the time I really want to try them as every other blogger has them. 

After trying the products I feel a little disappointed that I spent the money and the product really didn't work for me.  There are a few Drugstore items that I love, so the question here you continue buying Drugstore in hope something might just work for you or change your purchasing habits and just buy High end?

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What are your thoughts on this subject, are you victim to following the hype and buying beauty products?

Where I love to shop:
Cult Beauty
Space NK

Thursday, 26 March 2015

New Drugstore/High Street Additions

I have been on the lookout for some new Drugstore alternatives to some of the High-end products around.  I have come up with a few......

First up the dupe to the new Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Protector  these are at a high price of £18.00 where as the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm's versions are just a tiny £2.00 - I picked up Coral Reef and Peach Dream.   I loved them so much, I picked up another shade (not shown).  I purchased mine from Superdrug- swatches below

Next up is my not so great dupe for Benefit Gimme Brow - This is the MUA Brow Define at £2.00 its a bit of a bargain but it went all over my brows and not in a good way - not transfer proof, so a no like for me!

I also picked up the Sleek version for brows - Can you tell yet my obsession with brows? 
The Sleek Brow Perfector gave just enough colour to the brows to define them nicely, love it!  
You can see the difference in the size of both in the picture below. 

Next up I got a blush, the MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush  - this reminds me of the Benefit Majorette Blush but more testing needed, I would say great for oily skins.  This one is in shade Chichi.

Then from the Barry M Spring Collection - Barry M Hi Shine Lips in coral, sorry I can't seem to find the shade online - probably sold out like all these Spring/Summer Collections.  No high-end comparison, just a great gloss. 

This is the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow in Choc Suede   - not sure how new these are, probably been out a while - this is the Leather Effect version and I can say that I love it as much as the original versions.....No high-end comparison just something I wanted to try out.

That is my lot, phew!   What have you picked up lately? 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Concealer tests complete

Sorry I have not been around for a while but sometimes life gets in the way of everything.

This is an update from a post I did a while back - yes that massive Concealer haul if you read that post then you will know that along with lipstick hoarding I tend to always look for the next best thing when it comes to a concealer or two.....

What I picked up
Too Faced - Absolutely Flawless Concealer - link here
Laura Mercier - Secret Concealer - link here 
Dermablend Corrective Stick - link here
Revlon Colorstay Concealer - link here
Wild about Beauty Smooth Cover Concealer Kit - link here 
Jemma Kidd -Colour match Concealer Duo- discontinued but grabbed on Ebay 
CK Endless Light Brightening Concealer  - also on Ebay

After testing these my thoughts have changed about a few of them.

The Jemma Kidd concealer dried out quickly and changed texture so this one was a miss in the end, I liked it when I first tried it.

Revlon Colorstay was one that Lily Pebbles raved about on her blog, I fell for it, yes I'm bad like that, I ended up hating the thin consistency on this as after using others - I found it just blah...

Wild about Beauty was one I stated using more, loved the setting powder it came with - I now purchased a back up, comes on smooth, no creasing and best of all it came with a fab setting powder.

And the Laura Mercier concealer has become a HD, although this is a tricky one to apply - but once you get the hang of adding a setting powder it stays in place without moving around, I only use it under my eyes.

I am still loving the Dermablend and Too Faced concealer.

The CK concealer was okay nothing to write about though, so not a lot to report apart from that is now in the bin.

What is your "go to" concealer I would love to know?

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