Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A New Love - TOPSHOP Sheer Lips in NUCLEAR

Topshop Sheer Lips 

As I continue my series of New Loves in beauty, my next post will have to be something other than lipstick but honestly the only thing I can buy and buy "until the cows come home" is definitely lipsticks.

After finding this little beauty on my travels to Topshop I could not resist how cute, sleek and beautiful the packaging was, perfect for my handbag/purse.  I know. I know its such a summery shade why did you go for this one?  This is in the shade Nuclear.

Well No.1. It's Sheer so does not transfer as a bright shade No. 2. My lips get super dry in winter and as its really cold here in the UK I need moistness (is that even a word) on my lips.

These do come in many more amazing colors, next on my hit list is the Topshop Sheer Lips  in Play with Fire and Red Alert, I already own the Nude one in Alibi.

These defiantly are moisturising with a balm like glossy finish, a sheer to medium pigment, can be layered for a more vibrant payoff, perfect over a lipstick or lip pencil too.

Have you tried these yet?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A New Love - Estee Lauder, Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

Today's Post: Estee Lauder, Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick  in Shade 310 Potent.

Sorry I have not posted for a while I had a crazy few weeks/month.  Hopefully posting will be back to normal, every two weeks, I might try a weekly one all being well.

I thought I would follow up with a series I created, A New Love - This being any/all of the latest products that I have fallen in love with (current loves, so to speak).

My last post I talked about the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Blush Click here to check that baby out.

On to a new love - that being in form of lipstick - Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick phew, what a mouthful.  I got mine in the shade "310 Potent".

This is a stunning shade, looks red on the Debenhams website swatch but it's a beautiful nude peachy slight pink just awesomeness in a tube shade, I really can't put into words how much I love this lipstick I would say check swatches online to see how lovely this transfers onto the lips.

Winter coming my lips get super dry and I dislike the fact that I can't wear dark berry shades as these shades show up dry skin/patches even more.  If you are like me and love lipstick then Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick (why such a long name Lauder group!!) is your baby.

Comes on so smooth and is moisturising, super creamy and really does hydrate the lips.  The Claims on Estee Lauder website are Click to check : which I would say are spot on.
Best Lipstick, Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2014 Winner 
This retails at £24.00 

I would love to see all the posts on your new loves in beauty - please do link me up below
What have you been loving?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A New Love - KEVYN AUCOIN Creamy Glow in ISADORE

On a recent visit to Space NK I picked up a few bits, splurge items to say the least.  It's so nice to give yourself a treat now and again so I decided it was time for me to have a treat - I deserve a treat from time to time..... Did you not say that last time? I hear the sensible me screaming...I ignored that part of me for now, heh heh.

I always look to Cream Blush in the Autumn and Winter time when skin is parched dry, dehydrated and all those horrible things we don't want our skin to be.  I find a cream works better with my skin and looks smooth and soft, that natural lit from within look... you know that one, that one I had this summer, cream blush, highlighter and glowy skin....no that doesn't always happen in the Autumn and Winter for me, I have dry skin come the winter time.  I have already noticed the chill in the air.

But onto the Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow - Isadore £21.00 - oh my, what is not to adore...heh heh. This just glides on beautiful, smooth to the touch like texture, not wet like some cream blushes can be, just a dream to apply, the shade Isadore has a pinky light glow effect, like you have been for a run kind of glow, natural flushed cheek look.

If you only try one thing from the Kevyn Aucion range make it this baby.

Have you splurged and any make-up items lately?
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